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and children i never got to read a book but i wrote one. [laughter] this was a lot of fun. i think we're now in a place we need all kinds of voices. the country is in a fearful place and you don't think
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clearly but i wrote to a book i am proud of. i hope it makes you laugh and is worth your read. what happens now? i feel like i am on the jury. he did it to. [laughter] i think if we have more teachers like you to invest in children we would be a lot better nation. [applause] [inaudible] [laughter]
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i being originally the concept of the book i was reading about martin luther and it basically challenged the catholic church. of course, and nobody was to hear about the black guy to write about martin luther. it is more of a look community i have been in every part of this country. not est. i have not been to. there is a change not only in a culture but interacting i think the things that we expect some say the world is
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not zero you anything now we have a lot of children who feel they are entitled this is not the place we grew up regardless of the challenges that we face. my father was very proud to do his job. i think he is still that in me and i instill that in my children but we come and from a nation of children we have made this country great for those who won the wars to put men on the moon now be have facebook we can like it but we cannot do it. it is a challenge to become what we know that we are.
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we all want to be safe in a position not to challenge yourself but if we don't do something about what is happening around us then we will not be what we were or what we could be now more black men are in jail. i see schools that fail if the nation, i watch politics all the time but nobody will hire. even the amount came monument to there is nothing wrong with that it is a challenge it made me look at things more clearly. i hope you enjoy it.
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that is all i have right now. >> we will take a couple of questions. >> >> what did you get out of writing the book that you don't get from on stage? >> it was the first time i have never written something. sometimes you have to be careful the way it will be perceived. right teeing the text you could put lol or the smiley face. the book took that away where i had to write a book to make sure i was clear.
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i really enjoyed the process more than i thought. >> how long? >> four months. i love comedy but i could not imagine a process i love it more than anything else not that. [laughter] >> you have been at the comedy store how about overseas? >> we went to qatar that was the last overseas trip that i took. i have never flown a plane
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that was flown by the arabic pilates. to wake up with the pilot speaking arabic is horrifying. i thought man. they have the played. [laughter] we landed it was such a different culture. the second highest and of living in the world of keying got complaints from his citizens so he pay off their mortgages. they're very wealthy. added certain point* i got jealous. i had not been immersed in a culture so consumed with learning.
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>> great to have you here. i love your show on cnn of years ago. why did you decide to play the straight man? >> we were putting the deal together john cline was the president of cnn and said we will put you on tv right now. i was overwhelmed. the first time i did not know what i was supposed to be.
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then i found my center i was supposed to me me. it was like landing in russia up. a culture shock. i learned a lot about myself and people with their consumption of the news. >> on the topic of wealth and the source for learning do you think we have that level of wealth people would still have a thirst for learning? the field that is mess it -- missing there has
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never been a society we have been consumed i remember growing up iacocca said quality is job born now we make nothing. if you complain about something i complained about delta air lines. [laughter] you used to be able to complain dominos 30 minutes or its free. there was a level of pride and commitment. you have to work twice as hard to go have as far. even though you felt it would be hard but it was for
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the truth but i don't think we tell people what is expected. terrorist attack the country and they said go shopping than wait to. they're past be a place you're not it exceptional because of where your mother and father had a baby but because of what you strive for. watching the olympics, the first thought that i had it was like the kid at graduation. all of those countries invested, a great deal of them and they had a health care system superior to
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ours. germany, japan, they lost those wars then it became economic and i think we could learn from them i am sad that we have to. >> i watched you navigate. [inaudible] do feel some one.
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[inaudible] s am i but would not have written a book. >> i am not worried about anything like that. it is funny. women don't like me. [laughter] beautiful women will say why they don't get dtes then they will give you the reason to estimate y. they will say he is stuck up or this or that. i will always be that to that% if they may up the story for themselves but that i have to be mature enough but i am not afraid to lose or to win or to be a bill in and it is a wonderful thing when the
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sound of your own voice i am not afraid. [applause] except you. so mac what advice you give to the youth of america? >> the best device i have never gotten you don't have to do just know what you want. you have to know what it is. that cannot come prepare and 30 cheers our coaches but there have stood the something in new that you trust because matter where you go it is all you.
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you have to be in tune enough the sound of your voice to be your own hero. too many times we give people that power. >> i was listening to and i notice you said you were a high-school dropout. and you are where you are today. i.m. pei college dropout and i am amounted to where i am today. but i applaud like to think that is not the system our government system that got me there but her family and determination to be focused.
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what do you think should be done in our education system to free up the knowledge to make it look attractive for minorities to have the desire to want to learn the way out to be just as successful as those that they look up to? >> writing the book one of the things that has stuck with me is yon black and brown men, young boys are not accepting. culturally part of it is societal but the dinosaur
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had the ice age. we have education and technology. they did not make the adjustment it is not here. if the black brown mail this not make the adjustment they will not be here. we have to make it safe for our children to be smart, respectful, individua ls because what i was a boy i wanted to be excepted so bad i or myself to me i try. i will never let that happen again. to say if i cannot change the people around me you have to be afraid to stand by yourself that is the
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clearest it will ever be. there is a tendency to be accepted so bad people have all kinds of estimations but a man would do anything to take care of the family. not that i would not do that. and a woman sought a man who do anything you could do it every wanted the you will deal with the man. but we left young boys like you by yourself to figure out. so that is to make it safe
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quote for the boys to grow. [applause] scott. >> my father used to say not making a choice is making a choice. was named to talk about that makes me think of what my father told me. talking to a friend of mine 45 years old than just figuring out what he wants to do with his life. it took him this long to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. >> but 90% of the people never have that moment. as long as he does it before he closes his eyes.
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but it really is look for something but you could see that. i feel he is blessed this sounds overly romantic but the only thing that keeps you doing anything is you have to love it. when you talk about a man that he thinks it will never mattered to him. and i hope he has another 45. >> with the demographics of your book, doing research on
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generation y with over 70 million in american history is there a tug of war between one generation and the other? >> isn't there always? >> exactly. i have been around when nephews but i notice education was bought of all i will maybe do it. we had pokes around them but look at exposure that is important for young people sometimes that does not happen and more and more parents should expose their kids early in life. your book was written for what demographic? >> medically i never cared
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were directed a message specifically at the black man. we can give ourselves permission i want to to be a great stand-up who want the road to look different. that will probably never happen but that does not mean that everything i do. i think it is okay to want to be greater and i just don't see i see they have no light in their eyes we're doing a documentary. october 27 on comedy central
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how the young black man needs to be put on the endangered species list. it is funny and it is sad but one admits they were lost the other said they did not have the goal and at least we can give them some level of belief. >> [inaudible] >> i hope that i am recognize. [laughter]
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my favorite curse word? you know, my favorite for quote i think it is universal for the black man. mother fucker. that does not even go there. i did not know why but i read everything. >> it does not get an name better than that. the best question. let's give a round of applause for d.l. hughley. [applause] 2012. we're pleased to be joined by an old c-span fav, doug brink lee, whose most recent book is this,
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cronkite. one word. doug brinkley, if you had to describe walter cronkite's youluence in america, howould >> doug brinkley his book is cronkite. one word. of view had to describe walter cronkite influence in america how would you do it 20 words or less? >> most trustedam man inat america he wore the moniker well but he carried c the country through things likery t mercury and gemini and apollo missions and ourd t voice througheh the t hecivil-rights movement in theax vietnam war, and nixonhe bir of resignation and also brought some got together to the camp david peace accord. the big three are at edwardworl' r. murrow and walterbout a tho
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cronkite. >> host: how did he get to be that guy? >> he was good with the wire service and united press your stories are given 1,000 words. there cannot be a lot of bad firms are adjectives it was perfect for television with only a half hour broadcast. a precrating has to be tight. he was very precise. >> host: was he political?ocrat. >> he was a new deal democrats. >> it was not known and was a a fan fan of franklin roosevelt as a a boy growings up but of the ths 1950's people thought he was thg republican because his boss was the founder workedt directly for july eisenhower and he personally love to
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the walter cronkite.toe the 20th anniversary of d-day they took cronkite to the beaches. there was a feeling he may have been a republican but the bill now more showed him to be a liberal and he came out publicly saying i am a man on the left and the a speh speech and in front of the liberal caucus will been from texas. h >> host: did our heardad stepped him? >> he doorstep down as theective anchor man and had played the center quite well just get like the doctor getting a demo surgery you don't care butmb owt when he voiced dissent on the be a mom war it was the see beginning of his all t t editorializing today we see cel that all the time.cons.
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that is a slippery slopeib also uc the birth of celebrities and television. he would go to a rally and everyboby rushed him wanted -- but not the senators. talter cronkite could not stand pompous people andties he good purposely do things to time solicit laughter or drinkt allot gourde take part of aet peop striptease act to get people to crack up. i interviewed so many from people like jimmy buffett toigh, all of the reagan to know him was to like him. did
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>> host: was your, whi connection? >> he came to a book party of mine in 1993 and 40 madison and he thought i was david brinkley sun which i am not. had to correct him later we would have a lunch with arthur centura, jr. and he did a dust jacket blurb for my book he knew what was doing the book before he u he passed. was with him six months before his death but ixmentia would come and he s could talk a little bit and show memorabilia but he was not up for it. mon >> the book came out fibers>> g six months ago. he which is the next book? w >> i was on day wilder-- wilderness site kurt -- cycle i

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